Hi I'm Monali

Melbourne based frontned web developer, interested in new and innovative technologies.

About Me

Hello, I'm Monali Singhi, a passionate web developer and a part time Bollywood dance instructor based in Melbourne. I was born in India and moved to Australia in 2012. I decided to pursue career in web development and started to teach myself coding. To further hone my skills, I got enrolled in General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive (WDI) course.

I love to create beautiful, interactive, engaging websites and applications. I want to venture into the field of web development and be part of exciting projects. I am looking forward to work in an environment where I can challenge my technical abilities and constantly improve them while working with a great team.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, underscore.js, Ajax, JSON, React, Ruby, Rails, GitHub, Trello, Agile, Jira


Here are some projects I made

Tic Tac Toe

Classic game wrapped in a beach theme with sea shells and starfish. Integrated with wave sound and effects, this was my first project using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Demo Code

Awesome Musos

A group project to play piano in real time using Web Audio API, Ruby on Rails, Backbone, Web Sockets and Bootstrap.

Demo Code

Flickr App

An infinite scrolling image search app powered by Flickr; explored Flickr API, JSON processing and making AJAX calls.

Demo Code

Product Catalog

An online camera store app to display list of products, allow users to explore product catalogs, image galleries and view product details. The application is developed in Angular as a Single Page Application (SPA) and extensively uses Bootstrap.

Demo Code


If you're interested in getting in touch for development-related opportunities or just want to grab a coffee, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail!

Mobile: 0450 900 052

Email: monali.sach@gmail.com

Website: www.theavani.com

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